On Tue, Mar 15, 2011, guy keren wrote about "[Haifux] some additions and eratta 
to today's lecture":
> 1. etzion asked about controlling the age of dirty pages before pdflush 
>    flushes them - the default value is 30 seconds, and can be seen by:
>     cat /proc/sys/vm/dirty_expire_centisecs
>     (the time there is in milli-seconds). it can be changed by echoing
> the desired time into that file, e.g. to change it to 40 seconds:
>      echo 40 > /proc/sys/vm/dirty_expire_centisecs

Would I be wrong to assume that since the file name is "centisecs", it is
indeed centisecs (1/100th of a second), neither milli-seconds nor seconds
as you wrote above?

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