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Subject: Fwd: LyXers of the Technion, unite! (with Pizza)
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Hi Orna,

Can you forward to Haifux? some might be interested.


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Subject: LyXers of the Technion, unite! (with Pizza)
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Dear fellow LyXers,

If you're like us, you love LyX, and wish you could do everything from it:
- Write your papers with the conference style file
- Collaborate with LaTeX-only people
- Use it for a blog...

Problem: not everything works. Solution: report bugs and fix problems
together, and eat pizza!

The plan on 26/6, 4 to 8 pm, in room 815 of the EE Mayer building:
- Lightning talks. Currently planned (you are invited to show us
anything cool and not well known also!):
 - How to write Feynman diagrams in LyX (Ronen)
 - Moving a paper back from LaTeX, before and after bug reports (Daniel)
- A quick dev demo: how to report, find, solve and patch a simple bug
that keeps a valid latex document from compiling under LyX.
- 3-4 hours of joint hacking, bug reporting and whatever we want.

Make a mailing list or forum for further discussion, a github project to
share useful templates etc, and whatever else we find useful.

Please forward to any other LyX user in the area, let us know if you
want to give a demo or have any other ideas. Let us know if you are
interested in general and coming this time in particular.

Daniel Vainsencher and Ronen Abravanel

Orna Agmon Ben-Yehuda.
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