On Wed, Jul 10, 2013 at 05:25:04PM +0300, yakoub abaya wrote:
> maybe write code to hook into the mail daemon ?

Doesn't really matter. Any list subscriber can do whatever it wants with
the list messages. For instance, some folks at http://mail-archives.com/
have decide to archive it, just for the kicks.

> what mail daemon are you using, can i view the application source handling
> the mailing list ?

Mail messages are, well, mail messages. Take a look at procmail /
formail as one starting point.

My procmail filter for this list:

* ^List-Id: Haifa Linux Club mailing list <haifux.haifux.org>

(saves mail messages in the maildir haifux).

If I wanted to pipe it to a script:

* ^List-Id: Haifa Linux Club mailing list <haifux.haifux.org>
| path/to/my/script with params

As an example script: here's an email -> XMPP (Jabber) convertor script:

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