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I'm running a little phpBB forum, which is being bomarded by attempts to submit spam posts. I've solved the core problem already (i.e. preventing the spamming itself and the flood of new users) down to zero, but I've noticed a huge amount of attempts -- I'm at ~800,000 hits per month, and it's not getting any better.

It's quite easy to tell a spammer's IP watching the HTTP logs, so it's not a big deal to write a simple script and find the offending IPs, and block the worst of them individually. In fact, I've already done that.

But now I want revenge: I'd like to make the spammers' hosting providers aware of their user activity. Is there any convention on how to automatically track down who should be contacted for each and every IP? Or maybe some database, where hosting providers are really looking?

I expect some dozens of these every month. So an automated reporting method should be possible.

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