For a new and exciting Linux group in SanDisk (Kfar-Saba). We are
looking for professional Linux Kernel developers, Linux Group Manager
and Android professional.

Please forward to anyone whom may be applicable.

All CV's should be sent to: l...@leon.nu

I'll copy Android professional job description only, because Linux
kernel description are pretty straightforward (experience with system

Bsc in computer science
Very good understanding of Android system on the practical and
architectural levels. He/She should work with me on basis and provide
us with his/her opinion about changes we make from the Android point
of view.
Ability to write application.
Ability to support bring-ups for new platforms / ported or development
platforms problems debugging.
Strong analytical skills
Ability to trace complex problems and measure system performance on
Application and System levels (Java / Linus).
Good understanding of Android -> Linux and Linux -> Android
interference (Java -> C-libraries -> system calls -> up to Kernel

Leon Romanovsky | Independent Linux Consultant
        www.leon.nu | l...@leon.nu
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