The world of RSS has been a jungle ever since it began. Last time I checked (a couple of years ago) there were a few jots attempting to be standards, but the reality was that every site just pushed whatever they liked between XML tags.

I'm not so concerned about this or other tool whining about incompatibilities, as long as they're ready to display the information correctly. I will however take action iff there is a critical mass of users who are interested in the RSS feature, and are prevented from using Haifux' RSS because their readers reject our XML.

So Haifuxers, wherever you are: How bad is the situation for you?


On 13/12/13 16:21, Dan Shimshoni wrote:
Hello, Haifux,

I am trying to get an email alert (to a gmail account) with Haifux RSS.

There are a lot of free web sites which give this service free (sometimes restricted to several feeds only). If I am not wrong, once there was some google service which dealt with it but it was closed AFAIK.

While I tried to register with Haifux RSS feed in such sites, I got an error, which said to check validity of the RSS feed with W3C Feed Validation Service, which is:

And when I entered 
http://www.haifux.org/rss2file to that validation check in that site, I got errors.

Any ideas? 

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