On Sun, Dec 15, 2013 at 11:58:27PM +0200, yakoub abaya wrote:
> i do not understand the difficulty for developers to release amd64
> version of their software .
> i don't have good understand of architecture from software point of view,
> but i imagine the problem varies according to the type of the software .
> so if low level library software are released in version amd64, what
> is stopping application level like skype from being released as well ?
> and from another point of view: how to write amd64 software ?
> like if i write a simple standard C++ program and compile it using
> amd64 then obviously it runs on that architecture .
> so assume skype is written in C++, what is stopping them from simply
> compiling it using an amd64 gcc ?
> is it only a dependency problem, that skype depends on various
> libraries that in turn don't have amd64 version ?

Maybe they just want to release a single package. i386 works on both
i386 and amd64 (x86_64), but not the other way around.

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