Hello all,

Haifux' next slots for lectures are currently vacant. So if YOU have a 
subject you'd like to talk about, whether

* you have something interesting to share, or
* you'd like to present a project or thesis, and possibly get some new 
insights, or
* you'd like to learn some topic, and want a framework and firm deadline 
for that, or
* you have a lecture prepared for some other event, but would like to 
run it before a friendly audience first, or
* there's is some other reason you'd like to hold a lecture at Haifux

please send a note to Haifux' nannies at webmas...@haifux.org or suggest 
your talk on this mailing list. The latter makes sense if you'd like to 
get some idea about the level of interest.

Thanks in advance,

Web: http://www.billauer.co.il

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