Hello all,

(While this is not Haifa-related it is FOSS-related, and there's no 
similar activity around Haifa, so I'm allowing myself to post here.)

Last month we heard from  Shachar Raindel speak about using GPUs for 
packet filtering. To program GPUs for general-purpose computing work one 
typically uses either the proprietary and closed-source NVIDIA-only CUDA 
ecosystem, or the FOSS OpenCL ecosystem. OpenCL is an initiative of a 
consortium called the Khronos group[1]. It is used not just for GPUs, 
but also to utilize GPU parallelism (multi-core and SIMD instructions), 
as well as for other kinds of hardware (e.g. FPGAs and at some point 
possibly Xeon Phi).

Anyway, a Tel-Aviv chapter of Khronos is forming, with a kick-off event 
at the Temple Bar in Cinema City Glilot:


If you have interest in GPGPU programming, close-to-the-metal 
programming, heterogeneous computing, and such - this might be relevant 
to you.

Also, the chapter may cooperate with the Haifa Linux club in certain 
ways in the future, although this is pure speculation as it is just 
forming and I'm not heading it.


Disclosure: I am not associated with the Khronos group, but I do work 
for a company which does research for Hua Wei, one of the less-active 
Khronos members. And Ofer the chapter leader is a co-worker of mine.

   [1] : http://www.khronos.org/
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