Hi all,

Unfortunately, I need to move haifux.org again to a new hosting provider 
soon. I've signed up to a service which offers 3 GB of SSD space + 20 GB 
"regular disk storage". It turns out that these 20 GB run through sshfs.

Haifux' current site hits the 3 GB exactly, so at least some of the 
site's material will need to reside on the sshfs mount. My immediate 
reaction was to claim the money back guarantee, but is there really a 
reason for it? Does anyone here have any experience to share with sshfs 

It seems like the disk I/O is pretty slow on the sshfs mount (~ 5 MB/s), 
but should this be a real concern? I mean, when would that be an issue?

And yes, this is dirt cheap hosting (~$3/month). But that's not the 
point right now.

And BTW, the SSD I/O was ~400 MB/s for write and 6.5 GB/s for read.

Any insights? You will all suffer if I get this wrong... ;)



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