a lecture or two ago, when Guy Keren was saying that linux would never ever
be a gaming platform i tried to point out he was wrong, and it's actually
doing OK, and everyone looked at me like i'm crazy.

anyhow, if anyone wants to try, Borderlands 2 Game Of The Year edition
(that means all the expansions) is on sale on steam. steam is the game
store thingy every one uses these days. It's available for linux.


there's a big list of games avaliable for linux, and it includes about 1/3
of the new ones, and 100  games total (remember, these are mostly recent
big-name games). Namely, "Portal", which by many is considered the best
game ever, so if you want to support the cause, consider buying portal for
anyhow, here's the linux game list

also, for those who prefer indie games over big-titles, the humble indie
bundles are 9 out of 10 times windows-linux-mac compatible.
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