One of our ongoing problems is the lack of available food.  Seasoned visitors 
come provided, but sometimes people are caught short, or once or twice a new 
attender hasn't known  Yes, I know that I say so, but people don't read 
things.  So I hope you are reading this.

Starting this Saturday, as an experiment, I shall buy some sandwiches at 
Morrison's on my way to the meeting and bring them with me.  If you know that 
you would like me to pick some up for you, please let me know asap, but 
anyhow by Friday afternoon.  Say how many you would like, and anything to 
avoid.  I shall get pre-ordered ones and a few extra to cater for the 
situation I mention above.  But I shan't get many extra, so please pre-order 
if you know you would like me to get you one/some.

I have never bought sandwiches there, so have no idea what to expect.  Perhaps 
the one or two who I know have, could tell us what to expect!


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