Hi all (sorry for various tests, had forgotten which email account I use to
subscribe to this list)


At present, I have a (3.5" sata) drive connected to my Ubuntu machine via
one of those docking station things - I couldn't be bothered opening up the
case at the time and as it's only a media server, I thought no more about


Now I'm considering buying a 4 bay JBOD enclosure and I'd like to move the
drive into that.   At present, the drive is mounted via putting its uuid in
the /etc/fstab.   Simple question (which I know I could work out just by
swapping the drive but please humour me): if I swap the drive out of its
caddy and put it into the jbod, will it still be noticed.   The question I'm
basically asking is : Is the uuid associated with the drive unit or the
controller in the caddy?


Cheers all - long time no post - very long story I won't bore y'all with.



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