On Mon 21.09.2009 22:28, Stefan wrote:

Am Montag 21 September 2009 20:59:01 schrieb Hank A. Paulson:

I think you are getting a new cookie because of how your openais/etc
is failing over, not haproxy. haproxy doesn't create the cookie it
just passes it along.

I understood haproxy that it can handle session failover. Im wrong with

Well, if you mean that the 'sessions (cookie, tcp)' are able to share
over some machines, then the answer is => not yet (afaik).

I have solve this issue with the following setup:


2.9) Setting the cookie name


Notes :

- in the case where 'insert' and 'indirect' are both specified, the
  cookie is never transmitted to the server, since it wouldn't
  understand it. This is the most application-transparent mode.

With this solution you use the client for the 'session failover'.

Another possible solution could be to use a session store like memcache
or Tokyo Tyrant ( http://1978th.net/tokyotyrant/ ) but this need some
development into haproxy ;-)

I thought to add this for the appsesion feature but due to job change I
never started.



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