On Die 13.10.2009 09:14, Xia Jiang wrote:
Hi, Ryan

Sorry, I might not have explained this clearly. What I need is explained here:
However, I am having problem of acl Boolean statement:

how about to use this

          acl acl_domain1 url_sub domain1 -i
          acl acl_domain1 url_sub -i domain1
                                 ^^^^ before pattern

      acl acl_domain2 url_sub domain2 -i
        acl acl_domain2 url_sub -i domain2
                               ^^^^ before pattern

 use_backend domain1_farm if acl_domain1
 use_backend domain2_farm if acl_domain2
 default_backend default_farm

it seems that those "url_sub domain*" statement will never be true. If
I change it to "acl acl_domain1 always_true" it obviously hit

Maybe the examples in examples/acl-content-sw.cfg in haproxy tarball
will show you more possibilies ;-)

Is there a way to see the value of url?

I haven't seen any DEBUG defines in acl.c. I hope anybody else can
answer this question.



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