Dear Mikael,

yes it is possible with haproxy.

On Die 06.07.2010 21:40, zabrane Mikael wrote:
Hi List,

I'm new to HAProxy, so please apologize if the question was already
asked before.

I've a homemade web server running on my internat. It works like this.


So, my question is simple:

Could I tell HAProxy to inspect the HTTP headers, and decide:

a. If the special header "X-RAWDATA: ..." doesn't exists, let the
request go to the live Web directly.

acl host_live hdr(X-RAWDATA)

b. Otherwise, forward the request to my webserver.

use_backend live if host_live
# if not use default_backend servers
7.5.3.        Matching at Layer 7

A example of such a setup could be found in




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