Hi Sunit,

It's as simple as installing haproxy package from your linux distribution.
HAProxy configuration is quite easy and if you want to load-balance HTTP
protocol, it will be easy to find some good example on the web.
This "load-balancer" can be either a physical machine or a VM.

There is no cost, everything is open source.

Now, if you need (or want) some support on your load-balancer and if you
want to use HAProxy, you should have a look to www.exceliance.fr .
Exceliance sells either services around HAProxy (
http://www.exceliance.fr/en/products/hapee) or HAProxy based load-balancer
appliances: Aloha (http://www.exceliance.fr/en/products/aloha)
Note that there is a VMWare version of the Aloha:

Last but not least, some HAProxy developer works at Exceliance.fr and the
code made for Exceliance appliances is pushed back into HAProxy opensource


On Sat, Jul 30, 2011 at 7:50 AM, SUNIT TYAGI <sunit.ty...@spectranet.in>wrote:

> Dear Support,****
> ** **
> We want to setup a Load Balancer with 4 Virtual server ( On Vmware ) , Can
> you please suggest us how can we do that & also which version will support
> the VPS Servers.****
> ** **
> Also is there any cost for the same . Application will be apache based &
> database will be my Sql.****
> ** **
> Sunit****


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