On Mon, Nov 7, 2011 at 10:05 PM, Erik Torlen
<erik.tor...@apicasystem.com> wrote:
> What would you recommend if we wanted to have all our three haproxy instances 
> loadbalance in the same way.
> And still make use of persistence when the client is using one of the haproxy 
> instances?
> E.g Having the client come to the same backend on both haproxy srv1, srv2 and 
> srv3.
> Could we make use of some hash-algorithm to achieve this? Balancing on source 
> ip?

The hash algorithm based on source IP looks interesting, persistence
will be lost on each reload and adapted to the farm size.

Worst case, the stick table + peers to synchronise + clear table on reload...
But there might be undesirable side effects: if clear table is not
done synchronously, then new entries will be replicated...


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