Hey  Wei Kong,

Your probably using "*option forwardfor <http://cbonte.github.io/haproxy-dconv/configuration-1.5.html#4-option%20forwardfor>*" right?

Think a second about how that option works:
- HAProxyB recieves a connection from the Client IP, and adds a header in the http traffic telling X-Forwarded-For:c.l.i.ent - Then HAProxyA recieves a connection from HAProxyB, and adds another X-Forwarded-For:b.b.b.b header.. - Now Nginx recieves the connection from HAProxyA and the message might contains 2 X-Forwarded-For headers, of which only the last header is used (as it should be).

So now you know why it happens (if my assumptions are correct), the solution is simple, dont let HAProxyA add another X-Forwarded-For header when HAProxyB makes the connection.

So either:
-remove the option from HAProxyA
-configure an 'except <network>' on HAProxyA

Or possibly this might also work:
-use send-proxy and accept-proxy for the connection between HAProxyB and HAProxyA


Op 25-4-2013 19:29, Wei Kong schreef:

We have an haproxy (A)in front of ngnix and it has been working great and we can get the client ip without any problem

HAProxy A -> Nginx

Recently we added an another haproxy (B) in front of the first haproxy(A), from that point on, we noticed that the client IP becomes the new haproxy's (HAProxy B) ip instead.

HAProxy B(new one) ->HAProxy A -> Nginx

Is there known issue passing client ip through more than one haproxy?


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