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Am 15-05-2013 08:23, schrieb Joel Krauska:

The HTTP Log Format tracks bytes_read, which appears to be the number of bytes in the HTTP response send from the backend to the requesting client. [1]

I feel also that bytes_sent may be an interesting field to track.

For example: An Image upload site may care a lot more about image uploads to their servers than downloads. (esp for an upload backend pool)

Checking the ratio of bytes_read vs bytes_sent also provides interesting insight in to how an application is performing.

Is there anyway I can lobby to get bytes_sent added to future revisions of the HTTP Log format?

Is there any other method to collect this info?

You should look at custom log format

%B      bytes_read (from server to client)
%U      bytes_uploaded (from client to server)

I think that this option is only available in 1.5dev

The stats page is already collecting Bytes in and Bytes out, but I'm missing it in the log format, so I can't look at it on a per-request level.



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