IIRC, the meanings are:

> # 33. rate: number of sessions per second over last elapsed second

== Number of sessions initiated at the TCP level over the last second,
irrespective of the HTTP response.

"> # 39. hrsp_1xx: http responses with 1xx code
> # 40. hrsp_2xx: http responses with 2xx code
> # 41. hrsp_3xx: http responses with 3xx code
> # 42. hrsp_4xx: http responses with 4xx code
> # 43. hrsp_5xx: http responses with 5xx code

== Continually incrementing count of [12345]xx response codes (i.e.
not a per-period rate).

Does this match what you're seeing? Remember that #33 is useful if
you're looking at it at a single point in time, but if you're trying
to graph it, you might find it more useful to collect "stot" directly
and calculate rates from that instead.

Jonathan Matthews // Oxford, London, UK

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