On 4 June 2013 09:09, Ali Majdzadeh <ali.majdza...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Jonathan, Lukas
> Thanks for your valuable comments. Would you please indicate some of those 
> moving parts that could fail during a single download, Jonathan?

Sorry Ali, I don't think that's appropriate to the HAProxy mailing
list. Other people may help you with this, but it's too close to my
usual job for me to spend time on, on the wrong list. Contact me
professionally off-list if you like.

> From Lukas comments, I realized that at least some parts of the problem are 
> related to the client agent, is that right? I mean, for example, being the 
> primary server failed, if the client agent retries the download request, 
> HAProxy can proxy the new request to the other back-end server and download 
> continues from where it was interrupted, is this conclusion correct?

That probably won't happen. You'll need explicit support on both
client and server for HTTP Range requests, which I'm not sure you'll
get if you're just exposing download links and expecting a user to
re-click after a failed download. Check out
http://zoompf.com/2010/03/performance-tip-for-http-downloads for some
more information on this.

Jonathan Matthews // Oxford, London, UK

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