On 23 July 2013 13:47, Claudio M. <hapr...@cmaffio.it> wrote:
> Hi, ive the folowing configuration
> backend web1.mi.ext
>         mode http
>         option httpchk
>         balance roundrobin
>         option httplog
>         option http-server-close
>         cookie CLUSTID insert
>         source usesrc clientip
>         server web1b.mi cookie web1b.mi check port 80 maxconn 
> 100
>         server web1d.mi cookie web1d.mi check port 80 maxconn 
> 100
>         server web1.bk cookie web1.bk  check port 80 maxconn 
> 100 backup
> where web1.bk is obviously the backup server
> I need that when both primary servers go down and web1.bk go online, when 
> web1b.mi and/or web1d.mi go up haproxy not switch to these
> Is this possible?

A bit-of-a-hack way to achieve this is to put a high number of
required successes for the non-backup servers' health checks. I.e.
several thousand (or whatever - do the mathS that makes sense for your
situation) in the per-server "rise" setting:

Jonathan Matthews
Oxford, London, UK

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