If you need it badly then start using it. (after validating&testing with your configuration which you should do anyway.)

The name 'release' wont say there wont be any bugs left. As for the current 1.5devX releases lots of people use them in production environments and they are in general very stable.

As for testing with your current configuration you should actually start doing that a.s.a.p. so if you do find there are problems they can still be fixed before the release is called 'final'.

And for a date that would be "1.5 (ETA 2013/12/31)" (see roadmap in git.), besides that one and maybe some other estimations you probably wont get the actual date it until its really ready.. And it will be ready when its ready. As you might have read the 'release' is coming closer every day, as most major features are now implemented, and only a few development builds will probably be made for some final bug fix checks...

Greets PiBa-NL
Find below part of the 1.5dev20 release mail from Willy as the mailinglist archives are not containing this.. (followed a day later by dev21 to fix a small but annoying issue):

I expect to release 1.5-final around January and mostly focus on chasing
bugs till there. So I'd like to set a feature freeze. I know it doesn't
mean much considering that we won't stop contribs. But I don't want to
merge another large patch set before the release. Ideally there will not
be any dev21 version. Reality probably is that we'll have to issue one
because people will inevitably report annoying bugs that were not reported
in snapshots.


Kobus Bensch schreef op 9-1-2014 17:58:

Have you got a date for the final release of 1.5? There are a few features in 1.5 we badly need.



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