Hi Magnus,

I have integrated that 'transparent' option into the pfSense(FreeBSD8.3) haproxy-devel package. And can confirm that there is an issue when sending a large POST. For your information the config below does not contain the "Transparent ClientIP" option.. Which would read "source usesrc clientip"..

Also on pfSense the main firewall is 'pf' , but to get 'transparent' traffic working it was needed to in the background also load and configure part of "ipfw".. (this is also done for captive portal..) This so HAProxy gets to see the tcp traffic, and prevent replies from being routed out the wan interface..

The solution is to configure a "floating rule" like this:
Action: Pass
Quick: YES
Interface: DMZ (the one pointing to your server..)
Direction: Out
Protocol: TCP
Source: ANY
Destination: Server-IP
Destination: Server-PORT
State Type: sloppy state

Ill try and see if i can automate that, and if not at least put a warning note that this kind of rule must be added for it to work properly.

Can you confirm this indeed solves the issue?

Thanks PiBa-NL

Magnus Thomé schreef op 18-1-2014 9:32:
Last night during a couple of hours I took the time to read through the whole documentation from start to finish (instead of just doing keyword searches in it). But I really can't find anything.

I set up option forceclose (and also option forwardfor which is unrelated) just to see if anything happened but nope.

I wild guess from me as a total noob is that something is divided into 64kbyte chunks,being that a buffer, a particular set of packets or whatnot, and the first time 64kbytes is sent it goes through ok but the second and further chunks go astray. I've scratched my head wondering if the webserveror or possibly the pfsense box has anything set in connection with 64kB and of course also looked for anything like that in the haproxy documentation. There are no problems sending items larger than 64kB in the other "normal" direction, to the browsers. Will setting a cookie help?

ANY help or pointers in some direction would be deeply appreciated

/Magnus Thomé

On Fri, Jan 17, 2014 at 4:50 PM, Magnus Thomé <magn...@gmail.com <mailto:magn...@gmail.com>> wrote:

    I've really really searched for answers, both in the mailing list
    archives and google but haven't been able to find anything. Would
    deeply appreciate any help!

    I'm running pfsense 2.1 with the only extra package installed
    being haproxy-devel 1.5-dev19 pkg v 0.6

    EVERYTHING works great but one single thing:

    When doing a HTTP file upload with a FORM multipart/form-data POST
    to any server behind the firewall it only works with very small
    files, aprox max 60kbyte. With slightly larger files I get a
    timeout page after a while and with even larger files I get
    nothing at all.

    It seems that when "Transparent ClientIP" is enabled and set to
    DMZ the file uploads fail and with "Transparent ClientIP" disabled
    all works perfectly as it should. I do need the transparent mode

    Is there a setting somewhere I've missed?

    Thanks in advance for any possible help!!!!


    The config created by pfsense GUI looks like this:

            stats socket /tmp/haproxy.socket level admin
            uid                     80
            gid                     80
            nbproc                  1
            chroot                  /var/empty

    frontend SRV-WEB1-merged
            bind <>
            default_backend SRV-WEB1_http
            mode                    http
            log                     global
            option                  dontlognull
            timeout client          30000
            acl 0_rejsa.nu <http://0_rejsa.nu>    hdr_end(host) -i
    rejsa.nu <http://rejsa.nu>
            use_backend             SRV-WEB1_http if 0_rejsa.nu
            acl 1_rejsa.se <http://1_rejsa.se>    hdr_end(host) -i
    rejsa.se <http://rejsa.se>
            use_backend             SRV-WEB1_http if 1_rejsa.se
            acl 2_tystpc.nu <http://2_tystpc.nu>     hdr_end(host) -i
    tystpc.nu <http://tystpc.nu>
            use_backend             SRV-WEB2_http if 2_tystpc.nu
            acl 3_tystpc.se <http://3_tystpc.se>     hdr_end(host) -i
    tystpc.se <http://tystpc.se>
            use_backend             SRV-WEB2_http if 3_tystpc.se

    backend SRV-WEB1_http
            mode                    http
            balance                 roundrobin
            timeout connect         30000
            timeout server          30000
            retries                 3
            option                  httpchk
            server                  SRV-WEB1
    <>    weight 100

    backend SRV-WEB2_http
            mode                    http
            balance                 roundrobin
            timeout connect         30000
            timeout server          30000
            retries                 3
            option                  httpchk
            server                  SRV-WEB2
    <>    weight 100


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