On 21 January 2014 13:17, Vinoth M <vinoth....@ericsson.com> wrote:
> Hi,
>     1) I am using Solaris 10 x86.Could you please let me know if there a pre
> compiled package available for it.
>     2) Also let me know if HAproxy is supported for Solaris 10 x86.

I can't help with these 2 questions ...

>     3) My requirement is to load balance FTP(not http) .Let me know if i can
> use HAProxy for the same.

... but I answered this exact question on the Nginx mailing list only
this morning.

Here's what I posted; I believe pretty much all the same points apply to you :-)

Wow - the dream of the 90s really *is* alive in $WHEREVER_YOU_ARE! ;-)

Seriously - it's 2014. We have better alternatives than the insecure
and awful mess that is FTP. Any company that thinks otherwise deserves
all the pain that comes with FTP ...

Anyway, Nginx doesn't talk FTP to the best of my knowledge. Whilst I'd
normally suggest a TCP load balancer for this, FTP has certain
properties which make it annoying to load balance that you have to
take into account.

This came up with after moment's googling. It might help:


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