On 7 February 2014 08:29, Татаркин Евгений <tatarkin....@gmail.com> wrote:
> I can`t find in haproxy documentation any information about Nagle`s
> algorithm or TCP_NODELAY option

To quote http://marc.info/?l=haproxy&m=132173719731861&w=2, which I
discovered via searching

'the "http-no-delay" option [...] forces TCP_NODELAY on every outgoing segment
and prevents the system from merging them.'

Willy warns, however:

"Doing so can increase load time
on high latency networks due to output window being filled earlier with
incomplete segments and due to the receiver having to ACK every segment,
which can lead to uplink saturation on asymmetric links (ADSL, HSDPA)."


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