current functional setup:
frontend f
acl ssfc_dev hdr(host) -m str dev.example.com
acl ssfc_img hdr(host) -m str img.example.com
reqrep ^GET[\ \t]*/(.*) GET\ /dev.example.com/\1 if ssfc_dev
reqrep ^GET[\ \t]*/(.*) GET\ /img.example.com/\1 if ssfc_img

the backend webserver treats that accordingly.
So far so good.. but given that this list will grow over time, it'll be a bit of a pain to manage this.

Is there any way to make that happen by dynamic matches instead of a 1:1 acl/reqrep pairing? Generating such a config isnt that much of a problem, but it lacks elegancy in my eyes ;-)


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