We are using Consul, written by the same guys who wrote Vagrant. Really great 
tool. http://www.consul.io/

Consul is a service registry and discovery and DNS solution among other things.

I can create an internal name like 'some.thing.internal' which will resolve to 
a pool of nodes. So when I do a 'dig + short some.thing.internal' it will return





Consul keeps the list of nodes related to a particular URI up to date in 
real-time. It uses health checks and so on and will round robin the traffic to 
all the nodes evenly. But I want HAProxy too.

So I want HAProxy to say, "I see a URI that resolves to N number of IP 
addresses. I will add the addresses to the backend. I will keep polling the 
URI. If the address change I will update the backend."

How can I accomplish this?

What are my options?

A cron job to run 'dig + short some.thing.internal' every minute and send that 
info to HAProxy for backend members?

Unix sockets, ALCs and stick-tables?

I just want the result that I described above done in real-time so HAProxy 
restart not required. I don't care how it is accomplished.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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