On 17 Jul 2014 14:50, "Abe Voelker" <a...@abevoelker.com> wrote:
> So basically I'm wondering if there is a way to "expire" these
pre-existing sessions or connections or somehow force them to behave like a
new one so that they will queue up in HAProxy?

I believe 1.5 has the "on-marked-down shutdown-sessions" option to close
connections when backends fail healthchecks. I don't recall what effect it
has on the weighting change operation you're doing, however.

I can't speak for the sanity of the approach, but I've used (tcp)cutter to
terminate connections through a Linux firewall before. Maybe you could
script that, or the similar tool tcpkill.

Overall, however, I'd personally choose to address this at the DB or app
layers - perhaps with a lock, perhaps with a code change to make the app be
more forgiving during the outage. Doing this in the network feels
error-prone and wrong.


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