Hi Fraj,

Please define , 'doesnt work' ?

With the config you attached you should get a error while starting haproxy with that config? Something like this:
haproxy -c -f /tmp/Fraj_haproxy.cfg
[ALERT] 238/191742 (98396) : parsing [/tmp/Fraj_haproxy.cfg:10] : 'server smtp1' unknown keyword 'option'. Registered keywords : .....etc etc

You should replace 'option smtpchk' on the server line by 'check' the option smtpchk in the section will already make sure the checks will be using smtp.
option smtpchk
server      smtp1  maxconn 100  check

If it then still doesn't work i would add a listen section for stats to check if haproxy does 'see' the servers are 'up'.

Greets PiBa-NL

Fraj KALLEL schreef op 27-8-2014 18:05:


i use postfix 2.11 and haproxy 1.5 for setting up cluster smtp.
above is my configuration and the cluster doesn't work.

have you any idea please for solving this problem?

i have 3 servers: haproxy server smtp server1 smtp server2 virtual ip

in attachements you find my configuration files

Sincerly yours,

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