Zebra schreef op 16-9-2014 3:08:

I configure the backend with one server and want to make the health check for it using tcp.And the configuration as below.

backend httpservers
  option tcp-check
This actually makes it perform tests on a higher layer: "Perform health checks using tcp-check send/expect sequences" If you remove the option tcp-check from the config it will probably do layer4.

  server server2 check inter 5s fall 1 maxconn 32000

  But I find the log output  below:

Sep 16 01:03:34 localhost haproxy[30429]: Health check for server httpservers/server2 succeeded, reason: Layer7 check passed, code: 0, info: "(tcp-check)", check duration: 0ms, status: 1/1 UP.

I could not understand why "Layer 7 check passed" for I think the tcp-check only work for Layer 4.

  Could you tell me more about this ?

Looking forward to your reply, thanks!

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