On 20 November 2014 05:17, Rodney Smith <rodney...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I have a problem where a client is sending audio data via POST, and while
> the request line and headers reach the server, the body of the POST does
> not. However, if the client uses the header "Transfer-Encoding: chunked" and
> chunks the data, it does get sent. What can I do to get the POST body sent
> without the chunking?
> What can be changed to get the incoming raw data packets to get forwarded?
> I'm using HAProxy in a forward proxy mode (option http_proxy). The function
> http_request_forward_body() has the message in the HTTP_MSG_DONE state, and
> the log line in process_session() line 1785 shows the incoming data is
> accumulating "rqh=(s->req->buf->i)".

I don't have a direct answer on your observed problem, but I would
point out that judging by my archives, the use of the http_proxy
option is /extremely/ underrepresented on this list. I have no
information if this might be the case, but I suggest that it would be
possible for a bug to creep in and remain hidden for longer in this
code path because of its relative rareness.

This mean-time-to-bug-discovery might be compounded by the very
(very!) broad demographic generalisation that people using this
simplistic feature of haproxy /might/ be less inclined to upgrade for
feature-based reasons, due to their architectures perhaps relying less
on a fully-featured proxy being inline.

In the absence of any other information, my next steps in your
situation would be to see if I could replicate this problem in a
different haproxy mode, not using option http_proxy.

I absolutely recognise that that might not be possible, and I'm sure
others on the list will help you discover the true root cause of the
problem. I only mention it as it might not be obvious that this isn't
a commonly discussed, hence maybe used, feature of haproxy.


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