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> Nick Couchman schreef op 6-2-2015 om 23:52:
>> It's hard to figure out exactly how to phrase what I'm trying to do, but I
>> essentially need a configuration for HAProxy where I can "pin" the
>> load-balancing of one front-end port to another one, so that both go to the
>> same back-end port.  Here's what I'm trying to do...I'm using HAProxy to
>> load-balance RDP connections.  I also have a piece of software that goes
>> between the RDP client and the RDP server that provides USB pass-through.  
>> So,
>> the initial connection happens on port 3389, but then I need the client to 
>> also
>> open a connection on another port - let's say 4000 - to the exact same 
>> back-end
>> host.  Is this possible in HAProxy?
>> Thanks!
>> -Nick
> This looks like a similar problem perhaps it will work for you to?:
> http://blog.haproxy.com/2011/07/14/send-users-to-the-same-server-for-imap-and-smtp/

Cool.  Looks like the "stick match" line is what I need.  I will try it out.  

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