Hi all -

A bit of lunchtime playing around today has exposed the fact that a
"stats uri" in a defaults section has no effect on backends to which
the defaults section /should/ apply. Stats-serving backends only obey
the compile-time default ("/haproxy?stats") in my tests, until an
explicit "stats uri" is placed inside the backend definition.

The docs state that "stats uri" is valid in defaults sections, so let
me ask: is this a documentation bug (which I'll happily submit a patch
for!) or something else? To my mind, it absolutely makes sense to have
this statement as settable in a defaults section.

I've only tested this on the latest Debian backports version, 1.5.8,
but I don't see anything related in the changelog since then which
makes me think it's been fixed. The docs for 1.5.11 currently state
it's a defaults-settable config statement.

Jonathan Matthews
Oxford, London, UK

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