Am 12-05-2015 23:54, schrieb Peter BUtler:
Thanks Alex,

whats the feature in 1.6 that I should be looking out for?  I might
throw it on a Test server.

I keep an eye on the commits.;a=shortlog

and found this;a=commitdiff;h=a5910cc6ef96c39310f84063766953c914a2f58f

I don't know what's the plan with body processing is.

Cheers Aleks

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Am 12-05-2015 12:18, schrieb Peter BUtler:

I have managed to migrate all my Apache config to HAProxy, but I am stuck on the following.

I cant seem to find anything. Is it possible in HAProxy?

currently not, afaik.

In 1.6 looks like there are some intention to be able to handle the body


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