Hi Victor.

Am 06-08-2015 22:45, schrieb Victor Acosta:
Hi everyone, I need to use haproxy as load balancer off many apache
servers with SSL encryption, it’s works great, but i can’t get the
client ip address in my php application.

Watching on google, I see the solution can be put the SSL certificate
into the HAproxy, but that doesn't work for me because we have a lot of
rewrite rules in my apache server.

What other solution can I use to this?

There are a serveral options.

1.) haproxy termination add forwarded for and talk with the backend ssl,
    if neccessary to talk ssl with backend.

2.) tcp mode with proxy protocol

3.) I don't see the below Statement as show stopper

 >> have a lot of rewrite rules in my apache server

   due to the fact that you already use haproxy in front of apache

Please can you also share your haproxy -VV and the config, if neccessary.

You should also change in apache how the client ip is set.

For example http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.4/mod/mod_remoteip.html
Which apache do you use?

Cheers aleks

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