On Tue, Oct 13, 2015 at 12:32:08AM +0200, PiBa-NL wrote:
> >Yep so here rqh is in fact req->buf->i and as you noticed it's been
> >decremented a second time.
> >
> >I'm seeing this which I find suspicious in hlua.c :
> >
> >   5909
> >   5910                  /* skip the requests bytes. */
> >   5911                  bo_skip(si_oc(si), strm->txn->req.eoh + 2);
> >
> >First I don't understand why "eoh+2", I suspect that it's for the CRLF
> >in which case it's wrong since it can be a lone LF. Second, I'm not
> >seeing sov being reset afterwards. Could you please just add this
> >after this line :
> >
> >        strm->txn->req.next -= strm->txn->req.sov;
> >        strm->txn->req.sov = 0;
> This did not seem to resolve the issue.

OK thanks for testing at least!

> If you have any other idea where it might go wrong please let me know :)
> Ill try and dig a little further tomorrow evening.

Unfortunately no I don't have any other idea. At this point I think
I'll have to discuss with Thierry about this. We're in a situation
where I know pretty well how HTTP forwarding works, while he knows
very well how Lua works, but both of us have very unclear idea of
the other one's part, so that doesn't help much :-/

I'm still working on the management doc that I hoped to finish by today
and seems to take longer, so the release might be deferred to tomorrow,
maybe in the mean time we'll have the opportunity to find something odd,
but I prefer not to put my nose there myself or it will further postpone
the doc and the release which is waiting for it.

Thanks for your feedback!


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