On Tue, Oct 13, 2015 at 10:20:55PM +0200, Vincent Bernat wrote:
> From: Vincent Bernat <vinc...@bernat.im>
> doc/haproxy-{en,fr}.txt have been removed recently but they were still
> referenced in the Makefile. Many other documents have also been
> added. Instead of hard-coding a list of documents to install, install
> all those in doc/ with some exceptions:
>  - coding-style.txt is more for developers
>  - gpl.txt and lgpl.txt are usually present at other places (and I would
>    have to remove them in the Debian packaging, less work for me)
> The documentation in the subdirectories is not installed as it is more
> targeted to developers.

Thank you Vincent. I once again got trapped by "git grep" which I always
believe looks in the whole project while it only looks in the current
sub-directory (I was in doc/), so I found the references in haproxy.spec
but not the Makefile.

Patch applied.


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