Forgot to include list, sorry.

Op 8-11-2015 om 17:33 schreef PiBa-NL:
Hi Ben, Willy, Simon,

Ben, thanks for the review.
Hoping 'release pressure' has cleared for Willy i'm resending the patch now, with with your comments incorporated.

CC, to Simon as maintainer of mailers part so he can give approval (or not).

The original reservations i had when sending this patch still apply. See the "HOWEVER." part in the bottom mail.

Hoping it might get merged to improve mailer reliability. So no 'server down' email gets lost..
Thanks everyone for your time :) .


Op 22-9-2015 om 16:43 schreef Ben Cabot:
Hi PiBa-NL,

Malcolm has asked me to take a look at this.  While I don't know
enough to answer the questions about the the design and implementation
I have tested the patch. In my testing it works well and I have a
couple of comments.

I had a warning when building, struct email_alert *alert; should be
before process_chk(t); or gcc moans (Warning: ISO C90 forbids mixed
declarations and code).
Ive moved the stuct to the top of the if statement where it was before my patch. I expect that to fix the warning.

It makes in total 4 attempts to send the mail where I believe it should be 3?
If the total desired attempts is 3 It looks like "if (check->fall < 3)
{ " should be "if (check->fall < 2)" with "check->fall++;" inside the
if statement. I may be wrong I've only briefly looked.
Yes it did '3 retries'. Ive changed to make it a total of '3 attempts' which is more like a normal 3x SYN packet when opening a failing connection.
While testing this I've realised it would also be nice to log when the
email fails to send after 3 attempts but that is a job for another

Thanks for submitting this as its helpful for us, also for helping
with my patch.  I am still waiting for Willy to come back to me about
mine as well. As he is in the middle of a release I expect he is very
busy at the moment so I'll wait a while before giving him a poke and
following up. Hopefully I've been of some help to you.
Thanks for testing!
Kind Regards,

On 4 August 2015 at 20:35, PiBa-NL <> wrote:
-------- Doorgestuurd bericht --------
Onderwerp: request for comment - [PATCH] MEDIUM: mailer: retry sending
a mail up to 3 times
Datum:  Sun, 26 Jul 2015 21:08:41 +0200
Van:    PiBa-NL <>
Aan:    HAproxy Mailing Lists <>

Hi guys,

Ive created a small patch that will retry sending a mail 3 times if it
fails the first time.
Its seems to work in my limited testing..

-i have not checked for memoryleaks, sockets not being closed properly
(i dont know how to..)
-is setting current and last steps to null the proper way to reset the
step of rule evaluation?
-CO_FL_ERROR is set when there is a connection error.. this seems to be
the proper check.
-but check->conn->flags & 0xFF  is a bit of s guess from observing the
flags when it could connect but the server did not respond properly.. is
there a other better way?
-i used the 'fall' variable to track the number of retries.. should i
have created a separate 'retries' variable?

Thanks for any feedback you can give me.

Best regards,

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