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Am 14-11-2015 14:00, schrieb Paul Menzel:
Dear HAProxy folks,

I am using a Docker setup to serve Web application using a database.

HAProxy, the Web app and the database each run in a separate Docker

The HAProxy container is than started with the command below.

docker run --detach --name haproxy --link webapp:webapp myimages/haproxy

The goal is to have zero downtime deployments.

Now the problem is, that each time the Web app container is replaced by
a container run from a newer version, the HAProxy container has to be
stopped an started again so that the link works. This is certainly not

I search the Web for documentation and how-tos but couldn’t find
anything directly related to my issue. Do you know of such write-ups,
which I might have missed due to the generic key words.

Do you have any experiences with serving Web apps with HAProxy using
Docker links?

Should I stop using that “technology” and do things differently?

You can take a look into kuberbetes, openshift or similar frameworks for docker management.






Due to the fact that this frameworks use docker inside you can reuse some of the dockerfiles.

I use this openshift stuff with rolling updates.

BR Aleks




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