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> Hi Dirkjan,
> CCing Emeric who will know better than me how to respond, but I have some
> questions at the end.

I've gone for a somewhat different approach in this patch with a compatibility 
header file. It defines some inline functions from 1.1.0 when they are not 
available. Right now it implements the minimal things that HAProxy needs, so 
they aren't full replacements of what OpenSSL 1.1.0 would provide.

It's in a separate header file, was not sure if this was something that should 
go in include/proto/ssl_sock.h then. Also brings up the question what the 
minimum version of OpenSSL is that is supported? A lot of the functions used 
are already available in 1.0.0 (which is already EOL), so not sure if the 
compatibility code is needed for 0.9.8 then?

Is this more the approach you were thinking about?



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