Hi Andrew,

On Mon, Sep 19, 2016 at 11:32:49AM -0400, Andrew Rodland wrote:
> I haven't found the cause of this, or been able to pin it down much further 
> than that it happens fairly reliably when doing a "haproxy -sf" restart under 
> load.

OK I'll have to test it.

> Other than that, I think I have things working properly and would 
> appreciate a bit of review. My changes are on the "bounded-chash" branch of 
> github.com/arodland/haproxy ??? or would you prefer a patch series sent to 
> the 
> list?

It's better and more convenient to send the patch series to the list. It's
easy to respond inline, and opens the review to everyone, as everyone may
have an opinion on the core or even good suggestions.


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