Haproxy doesn't write to /var/log/local6.log, that's your logging daemon
(syslog-ng, rsyslog, whatever). That is what you need to adjust.
Most such logging daemons have the ability to match & filter based on
the contents of the log message. If there's nothing in the contents of
the message for you to filter on, then yes, you can adjust the haproxy
config `log-format` parameter and add `%sp` (the server port, which is
what I assume you mean by "output port") to the log message.


On 2016/10/13 02:58, Pavel Rudenkov wrote:
> Hello, dear developers!
> Several haproxy ports outputting log in local6. The very same local6
> outputs logs to overall /var/log/local6.log file that is in one file.
> Required to implement each output port a separate file *.log, not in
> common. Suitable for this log-tag? Other options?

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