this is actually my first time posting to the mailing list

really excited to hear about the 1.7 release and thrilled to try out the
new features like SPOE and OpenSSL 1.1.0 support

kudos to willy and all others who made this happen!

however in my use case (which utilizes CONNECT requests, alongside GET and
POST) some initial testing shortly following an upgrade to 1.7 seems to
suggest i'm hitting a bug at the CONNECT requests

my preliminary observation was that after the initial request/response
exchange (i.e. after the server replies with a HTTP/1.1 200 Connection
established), haproxy seems to stall at waiting for more data to receive
from the server, instead of starting the bits shuffling

i'm sorry that my programming experience is quite limited and i couldn't
point to something more concrete, but i reverted back to 1.6.8 and the
issue seems to be gone

it hints at me that perhaps it's an accidental regression in 1.7?  (or
perhaps i'm doing something stupid elsewhere that i didn't know of?)

just wishes to point this out early and once i got this cleared i could
finally move on to 1.7!

many thanks for your help

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