After using the addon, I've run across a few issues trying to get it
The first are mostly documentation issues:
1. The example for `da-csv-conv` has `da-csv()` instead of `da-csv-conv()`.
2. The documentation lists the parameter `deviceatlas-separator`. The
param is really `deviceatlas-property-separator`.
3. The deviceatlas library seems to provide a `da-csv-fetch`, which
isn't in the documentation at all.
4. Documentation on ` deviceatlas-log-level` doesn't indicate the
maximum level. And is just not very descriptive in general. I tried
changing the value and saw no change in any logging.

But I also ran across an issue when I try to use a personalized
enterprise data file in that all lookups seem to fail. The resulting
`da-csv-conv()` just returns empty fields. The fields I'm using are
basic ones like browserName,browserVersion,osName,osVersion. The free
file (20160203_compact.json) works fine. The web UI for controlling the
file indicates the fields are selected, and when I grep the json file, I
get fields results as "sbrowserName","sbrowserVersion". So not sure why
it doesn't work.


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