for my scenario, i need to using "balance source" to keep the persistence
of haproxy's balancing, I find that when one of my backend server (s1) has
been killed, and if the next round health check is still not launched, then
s1 is still be marked as UP. after 3 retries, the redispatch option does
not work, I still get a 503 error. after a while, health check launched and
s1 has been marked as DOWN, then my req has been forward to another backend
server and everything is ok now.

my quesition is that, is there any config can help me to avoid 503 error
when 3 retries have been failed but s1 is still marked as UP before the
next round health check

I debug  haproxy(1.6.10) and find that when I using "balance source",  the
redispatch option does not work actually. after 3 retries, redispatch does
not work, I guess that is because "balance source" is deterministic based
on source IP and server state info(UP/DOWN and weight) (from :
) so if the server looks like "UP" then the balance source will still
assign redispatch new conn to this deaded server s1.

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