Hi Thierry,

On Sun, Feb 26, 2017 at 07:02:52PM +0100, thierry.fourn...@arpalert.org wrote:
> Haproxy can't add header to a redirect because redirect is a final
> directive. After executing the redirect no more action are executed.

We really need to think about it for the short term future because it's
not the first time we need this. Having a few "header" directives on
the "redirect" rules could help, but I already expect that everyone
will want these ones to support dynamic log-formats etc...

In the mean time I think there is an alternate even uglier trick but
I have not tested it :

    http-request redirect location 
"https://blah..\r\nStrict-Transport-Security: foobar"

The idea is that the string presented in "location" will be copy-pasted
as-is in the Location header, so I guess that if it contains a CRLF it
will be appended as is. Yes I know it's ugly and it would be better to
support more flexible responses.


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