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> The problem is that it's what was being attempted during the days of 1.3,
> resulting in still highly bogus versions being deployed in field and
> users being very confident in them because they were recently updated.
> These days, every patch going into a stable release MUST be applied.
> What is considered major for some has no impact for others and what is
> minor for some is business critical for others. In all cases it ends up
> with reports here on the list.

While there exists some exceptions, the rule of thumb in distributions
is to stick to a version and backport only very critical (and security)
patches. While this creates some friction with upstreams, this seems to
match the expectation of many users (no random breakages during
upgrades). This is a bit unfair to you since you maintain a bugfix-only
branch which is also the goal we have (we just have more draconian
rules about the accepted patches).

I said there are exceptions (maybe 5 packages) where packages are kept
up-to-date with the latest version of a branch, but they only apply to
unfriendly upstreams (Oracle for example). I let you draw any conclusion
on that. :)

In Debian, we have acknowledged a long time ago this doesn't fit the
need of all our users, so we have official backports. Ubuntu has them
also but this is not widely used (Trusty got a backport for HAProxy
1.5.14 because they needed it for a customer).

>> FYI, we are likely to release 1.7.5 (with USE_GETADDRINFO=1 enabled) in
>> our next release (to happen in July I hope).
> Do you think there's an opportunity to get 1.7.6 if I release it next week ?
> It provides -fwrapv which will likely avoid certain bugs with more recent
> compilers, and there's a fix for a segfault in Lua.

We need to take the decision with the release team. We are in freeze
since January but we were able to push the latest version nonetheless. I
think it is likely we will be able to push 1.7.6 as well. Otherwise,
we'll push the patches marked "BUG/MAJOR" (this is what we have done
with 1.5.8 currently in Jessie, this is 1.5.8 + patches from 1.5.9 and
1.5.10 + a security patch).
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