Hi John,

On 26/06/2017 13:45, John Cherouvim wrote:
> Hello
> I have this configuration for a backend containing a server:
>> backend static_backend
>>     option forwardfor
>>     server s localhost:80 maxconn 900
> On the stats page though I see a "Backend" row which shows almost the
> same numbers for my "s" server. What does this represent?

The Backend row shows the stats for the whole backend. Here the numbers
are almost the same as your "s" server because it is the only server
configured in the backend. If there was many, the backend numbers will
be around the sum of the server numbers (for each column).

> That "Backend" row shows a limit of 200 (marked with red in the photo
> http://i.imgur.com/YWNsStZ.png ). What exactly is that limit and how
> can I change it?
> thanks

The Session Limit in the backend row refers to the fullconn parameter of
that backend.
The fullconn is about setting dynamic maxconn on backend servers. You
can read more about it in the docs

You need to consider the "fullconn" parameter if you have set up
"minconn" in server lines (to use dynamic maxconn), otherwise you can
ignore it.



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